AmScope DM130-16GB-15A-NGRK-TW Digital Microscope

Microscope Specifications

AmScope DM130-16GB-15A-NGRK-TW
  1. This AmScope DM130-16GB-15A-NGRK-TW is also made specifically for kids’ use. It consists of a kit that is particularly made for assembling the rocks. Also, there is a different kit present in it for gathering minerals.
  2. Is LCD along with a colorful microscope that can be moved from one place to another. It is a digital microscope. Focus can be maximized up to 20x to 1200x, also have the feature of zoom. The screen is a bit small, up to 3.5 inches, also has a very clear focus.
  3. To encourage kids to learn and gain information, the kit present in the box has a colorful 32 pages about rocks and minerals.
  4. To review the minerals and rocks, the kit consists of different samples of rocks so that the kids will be fascinated by seeing them and wants to do experiments on them.
  5. The number of items carried with the microscope is 5, and also, to grab the rock, a plastic tweezers is present in it. To make it easy for them to handle the rocks.

AmScope DM130-16GB-15A-NGRK-TW Digital Microscope is perfect for your budding scientist! With a powerful magnification of up to 1600x, this microscope offers plenty of potential for exploration. The included 16GB SD card means your child can store images and videos of their discoveries, while the 15 different accessories let them collect rocks and minerals with ease. The sleek, durable design makes it easy to take on the go, making science fun and convenient!

Observe the world in microscopic detail with AmScope’s DM130-16GB-15A-NGRK-TW digital microscope. This powerful device offers a 3.5-inch color screen and magnifications of up to 1200X, making it perfect for viewing everything from cells to entire ecosystems. With zoom and focus capabilities, you can get a closer look at even the smallest details.

The AmScope digital microscope is the perfect way to get your child interested in rocks and minerals! This awesome kit includes a 32-page full-color book by National Geographic Kids, as well as 15 beautiful rock samples in a decorative box. Your child will be able to start analyzing rocks and minerals immediately with this fun and educational kit.

Looking for an interesting way to teach your child about the world of rocks? Look no further than the AmScope DM130-16GB-15A-NGRK-TW digital microscope! This powerful instrument allows kids to view rock specimens up close, making learning about geological formations and textures a fun and interactive experience. The included plastic tweezers make it easy for little ones to handle rocks, making this microscope perfect for budding geologists of all ages.


Can a kid use this microscope?

Yes, a 6-year-old kid who has little knowledge can easily use this microscope

How heavy is the microscope? Can a kid carry it?

It’s weight is not heavy. Yes, a kid can easily carry the microscope.

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