AmScope SE303-P-E Digital Binocular Stereo Microscope

Microscope Specifications

  1. AmScope SE303-P-E Digital elementary stereo microscope is used mostly by beginners and appears to allow them to examine a few complicated items that may require some attention. The camera has 0.3 megapixels and also 2.0 USB for clicking and storing images on a portable device.
  2. Feed glasses viewing head with a set of 10x wide field.
  3. 1x and 3x replaceable objectives provide cheap enchantments and focal length considering examining huge specimens.
  4. Light is present on the upper part of the microscope that provides 10W tungsten luminescence.
  5. A stage plate is present that can be moved forward and backward, which provides variants with pool and bright colored samples.
  6. Stage clips are present in it, so to fix the specimens. This microscope provides a focus that is present in bilateral coarse and has a pillar stand; magnification is although a bit low 10x-30x.

The AmScope SE303-P-E Digital Binocular Microscope is the perfect instrument for students and hobbyists of all ages. With its 0.3MP camera, this microscope enables you to inspect everything from biological specimens to rocks and stamps. The USB 2.0 output allows you to capture or display images on a computer or projector in stunning detail.

Whether your child is a budding scientist who wants to examine specimens under a microscope or just enjoys playing with bugs, the AmScope SE303-P-E digital binocular microscope is perfect for them. This powerful microscope has two 10x widefield eyepieces for comfortable viewing and comes with an adjustable interpupillary distance to ensure a perfect fit. The 45-degree inclination makes it easy for youngsters to use and the digital camera lets you capture images or videos of your discoveries for further study.

The AmScope SE303-P-E digital binocular microscope is perfect for viewing large-scale specimens. The interchangeable 1x and 3x objectives provide low magnification and longer focal length, making it easy to inspect even the most challenging specimens. Plus, the digital camera captures high-resolution images and videos that can be shared with others instantly.

Looking for a microscope that’s sure to impress your friends? Look no further than the AmScope SE303-P-E! With its powerful 10W tungsten light source and a reversible black and white stage plate, this microscope is perfect for viewing specimens of all colors. And with its sturdy stage clips, your specimens are sure to be secure. So order your AmScope SE303-P-E today!

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