ANNLOV 7 inch LCD Digital Microscope 1200X 1080P

Microscope Specifications

  1. ANNLOV LCD Digital Microscope with 8 LED lights allows you to observe the details of the tiniest specimen more clearly and with higher details.
  2. It’s Interesting to view the magnifications of the specimens on the screen. This microscope built-in 7 inches HD screen which allows you to view the magnifications on the screen instead of view from eyepieces.
  3. No need to view the observations because of its 7 inches display screen anywhere else. But, If you want to view the observation on a bigger screen, It allows you to share it with a PC. It supports both Windows as well as MAC OS.
  4. Aluminum alloy is used to build the base. It increases the duration of use for the long term.
  5. This microscope’s built-in 3000mAh large battery allows you to use the microscope for a long duration of more than 4 hours. It also provides a power bank for emergency use.
  6. Not complicated, easy to use for everyone. However, as a student, a medical professional, scientist, or a researcher everyone can use it without any problem.

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