JuniorScope FBA-OM-JUNIOR Microscope for Kids

Microscope Specifications

  1. JuniorScope FBA-OM-JUNIOR provides you a premium-grade glass objective lens that allows you to view in very detailed observing images, unlike the cheap microscopes with plastic lenses.
  2. Two in one microscope, low power microscope allows you to view the solid objects live coins, plants, etc. but on the high power, you can view the high details of the transparent things like blood cells, microorganisms, etc.
  3. The kit contains many useful things such as a dropper, test tube, petri dish, and many more which any microscope cannot provide you in this price category.
  4. A great gift for the science students as well as for the teachers and parents.

If you’re looking for a microscope that will let your kids explore the world of tiny creatures and plants, the JuniorScope is perfect. Featuring three magnification levels and premium-grade glass objective lenses, this microscope is designed for clear, crisp viewing. Let your kids zoom in on insects, amphibians, or flowers with ease.

Introducing the JuniorScope, the perfect microscope for budding scientists of all ages! This two-in-one powerhouse lets you explore both solid and transparent objects with ease. Whether you’re studying leaves and insects or blood cells and bacteria, the JuniorScope has you covered. So get ready to discover the world of science in a whole new way!

With the Jiusion Digital Microscope, you can explore the microscopic world right in your own home. This powerful microscope is perfect for kids and students of all ages and comes with a variety of tools and accessories to make exploring easy and fun.

Jiusion digital microscope is a great gift for teaching your kids about science while spending quality time with them. The microscope has an 8-experiment set included to help inspire kids through stem learning.

With the Jiusion Digital Microscope, you can take your experiments anywhere! This portable microscope is perfect for backyard DIY experiments or classroom events. It has battery-powered functionality and dimmable led lighting for easier visual identification.

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