OMAX – MD82ES10 Digital LED Compound Microscope

OMAX - MD82ES10 Digital LED Compound Microscope

Looking to take your microscopy skills to the next level? Then check out our amazing OMAX MQ8333V-PHIP-C140U3 Digital Quintuple Infinity Plan Phase Microscope! This top-quality microscope is perfect for professionals and amateurs alike, with high-quality optical glass elements and a built-in 1. 3MP USB Camera for stunning images. Plus, the 45 degrees inclined 360-degree swiveling binocular head makes it easy to get the perfect view from any angle. And don’t forget the Advanced Software for Windows, which makes capturing and editing images a breeze. So if you’re looking for an advanced microscope that will help you achieve your microscopy dreams, look no further than our OMAX MQ

Looking to explore the mysteries of the microcosm? Then you need an OMAX digital quintuple infinity plan phase microscope! With 8 levels of magnification, this microscope lets you view objects at up to 2000X their actual size. Whether you’re a student studying biology or a scientist researching nanotechnology, this microscope is essential for exploring the smallest details of our world. So order your OMAX digital quintuple infinity plan phase microscope today, and prepare to unlock the secrets of the universe!

This digital quintuple infinity plan phase microscope is perfect for viewing specimens in great detail. With its sliding interpapillary distance adjustment and ocular diopter adjustable on both eye tubes, it can be tailored to your specific needs. Plus, with its variable intensity illumination and coaxial coarse and fine focus adjustment, you’ll be able to get a clear view of your specimen every time.

This state-of-the-art microscope is perfect for viewing tiny objects in stunning detail. The rack and pinion adjustment condenser ensure that you’ll always get the perfect view, while the Abbe Condenser with iris diaphragm & filters ensures accurate color reproduction. Plus, the stage’s upward moving lock protects objectives and slides.


A mag. of 2000X is very high, has anyone tried this and if so how is it? My current scope is much more costly, yet is dim and blurry at 1000X.

This scope has been way more than I expected, we have not been disappointed with any of the many features it has to offer. And the price give me a break, where can you find a better deal? As far as the resolution, the images are very clear depending on which lens you are using for the application. Once you get the image up on your PC you configure it to your best liking. As far as we are concerned it delivers the best quality of images for the money.

Does the head of the microscope rotate?

Yes, the head of the microscope is rotatable.

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