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AmScope SE303-P-E Digital Binocular Stereo Microscope


Microscope Specifications The AmScope SE303-P-E Digital Binocular Microscope is the perfect instrument for students and hobbyists of all ages. With its 0.3MP camera, this microscope enables you to inspect everything from biological specimens to rocks and stamps. The USB 2.0…

AmScope B100 Compound Binocular Microscope


Microscope Specifications With this microscope, you can explore the unseen world of bacteria, blood cells, and other tiny organisms. Whether you’re a student or a scientist, this microscope will give you a closer look at the natural world than ever…

TOMLOV TM-DM11 LCD Digital Microscope


Microscope Specifications This TOMLOV LCD Digital Microscope is perfect for versatile uses! It comes with a digital lens and microbial lens that allow you to observe details of macroscopic objects and cells with ease. Whether you’re a collector looking for…