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AmScope M158B Cordless Compound Monocular Microscope


Microscope Specifications With the AmScope M158B cordless compound microscope, you can experience high magnification for biological use and educational applications. This powerful microscope is perfect for students of any age, making it a great addition to any classroom. Plus, the…

JuniorScope FBA-OM-JUNIOR Microscope for Kids


Microscope Specifications If you’re looking for a microscope that will let your kids explore the world of tiny creatures and plants, the JuniorScope is perfect. Featuring three magnification levels and premium-grade glass objective lenses, this microscope is designed for clear,…

ANNLOV N2 4.3″ LCD Digital Coin Microscope

ANNLOV 4.3 inch Handheld USB Microscope 50X-1000X Magnification

N2 Microscope Specifications ANNLOV LCD Microscope is a decent gift for students as well as for professionals. It is easy to operate and observed. Looking to take your microscope experiences to the next level? Then you need the ANNLOV N2!…