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AmScope SE303-P-E Digital Binocular Stereo Microscope


Microscope Specifications The AmScope SE303-P-E Digital Binocular Microscope is the perfect instrument for students and hobbyists of all ages. With its 0.3MP camera, this microscope enables you to inspect everything from biological specimens to rocks and stamps. The USB 2.0…

AmScope H2510 Handheld Stand Measuring Microscope


Microscope Specifications The AmScope H2510 Handheld Stand Measuring Microscope is the perfect tool for the field, lab, and quality control applications! With a 100 unit measuring range and 0.01 reticle unit, this microscope makes it easy to measure objects of…

JuniorScope FBA-OM-JUNIOR Microscope for Kids


Microscope Specifications If you’re looking for a microscope that will let your kids explore the world of tiny creatures and plants, the JuniorScope is perfect. Featuring three magnification levels and premium-grade glass objective lenses, this microscope is designed for clear,…