AmScope SM-6TZ-54S-9M Digital Professional Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope

Microscope Specifications

AmScope SM-6TZ-54S-9M
  1. AmScope SM-6TZ-54S-9M mostly used on large items like dental instruments, the professional digital stereo microscope has a joint arm consisting of long operating gap viewing objects. The box consists of a 9mp camera to reproduce pictures on a personal computer.
  2. Zoom lengths provide 0.7x-4.5x uninterrupted magnification, the center distance used for examining huge specimens
  3. 2 Barlow lens are present, 0.5x Barlow lens expands the operating distance, and a 2.0x Barlow lens expands the amplification range.
  4. Detachable tool (rheostat) with 54 bulbs supplies both brightness and diminishes of light and control—special effects for examining the delicate specimens.
  5. The articulating platform has 40° in length and a fastener for fixing the microscope from the table or anything.
  6. Digital professional stereo microscopes have a real angle of view up to 45 degrees to eliminate the tension between the neck and eyes.
  7. The magnification of this microscope is a bit low (40 xs) but usually perfect for viewing objects. This microscope can be rotated in any direction and consists of a reduction lens.
  8. Vertical working distance is up to 8, illumination is episcopic, and power used or supplied is 110V – 240V

Whether you’re a professional looking to get a closer look at your work or a hobbyist wanting to see the tiniest of details, this digital stereo microscope is perfect for you. With its long working distance, adjustable arm, and 9MP camera, you’ll be able to view your specimens like never before. Plus, the USB 2.0 output lets you share your findings with others in no time at all.

With the AmScope SM-6TZ-54S-9M Digital Professional Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope, you can share your love of science with friends and family. Its trinocular viewing head allows for two people to view at once, and the 10x super-widefield eyepieces provide a clear, crisp view. Additionally, the microscope is adjustable so that everyone can get a good view, and it rotates 360 degrees so that everyone can see what’s going on.

The AmScope SM-6TZ-54S-9M digital professional stereo zoom microscope is perfect for large-scale specimens. With a 0.7x-4.5x zoom objective, you can get a closer look at even the most intricate details. Plus, the 0.5x Barlow lens extends the working distance, making it easier to inspect your specimens from every angle. And with a 2.0x Barlow lens, you can magnify them up to nine times their original size!

This microscope is perfect for professional who wants to get a closer look at their specimens. With its adjustable LED ring light, you can ensure that your specimen is always in the best light possible. Plus, with its stereo zoom magnification, you can get up close and personal with even the smallest details.

The AmScope SM-6TZ-54S-9M Digital Professional Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope is perfect for examining specimens like coins, stamps, jewelry, and other small objects. The articulating arm stand has a reach of 40″, and the clamp allows you to attach it to a table or desk. With the digital camera included, you can capture photos and videos of your specimens with ease.


What are the dimensions of the microscope?

The dimensions of the microscope are 19.3 x 16.2 x 15.7 inches.

Does the adult can easily use this microscope for the observation?

Yes, this microscope is very easy to understand and operate even the kids can easily use it with a little guidance.

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