AmScope H2510 Handheld Stand Measuring Microscope

Microscope Specifications

AmScope H2510
  1. AmScope H2510 has a normal magnification range of 20x, 50x, and 100x. 1t provides a high line of sight/horizon of about 17 millimeters in the company with a 30mm working distance.
  2. This AmScope is easy to carry with the calculating range of up to 100 units, including 0.1 cross-wired unit is utilized to measure specimens in laboratories and authorial administration.
  3. The objective lens is achromatic to provide the user full pigment resolution and to make sure a person gets a perfect variation of their samples.
  4. Add the starting point /foundation; a pen present illuminates the light so that a person can see images correctly, and this penlight can be adjusted in various directions.
  5. This microscope can also be used in colleges and schools because of its specifications; also, the material used in it is of metal which hence provides the longevity to handle it. 

The AmScope H2510 Handheld Stand Measuring Microscope is the perfect tool for the field, lab, and quality control applications! With a 100 unit measuring range and 0.01 reticle unit, this microscope makes it easy to measure objects of all sizes with precision and accuracy. Plus, the handheld design ensures easy portability and maneuverability in any setting. Don’t miss out on this essential tool – order your AmScope H2510 Handheld Stand Measuring Microscope today!

AmScope’s H2510 microscope is perfect for precise measurements and detailed inspections. With 20x, 50x, and 100x magnification, you can see every detail with stunning clarity. The built-in achromatic lens coatings provide color correction to ensure full contrast, so you can see even the most subtle features with ease. Plus, the 30mm working distance allows you to get close to your subject for accurate measurements.

The AmScope H2510 Handheld Stand Measuring Microscope is perfect for field and classroom applications! The metal construction provides durability, while the adjustable penlight illuminator allows for hands-free operation.


Can it be calibrated or checked to nsti standards?

It is calibrated by the manufacturer for 100X magnification.

The picture shows the cord going to a computer, does this unit come with it?

There is no cord. You can not hook it up to a computer. The only electrical part is the light and it uses batteries. However, you can buy a digital lens for it to hook up to a digital camera or computer.

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