AmScope ZM-1TW3-FOR-GT-5M Digital Professional Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope

Microscope Specifications

AmScope ZM-1TW3-FOR-GT-5M
  1. AmScope ZM-1TW3-FOR-GT-5M professional digital stereo microscope escorted by a pier stand consists of a prolonged area for working, picture capturing tools of about 5mp, and 2.0 USB output.
  2. 0.67 xs to 4.5x wide-angle lens comes up with a zoomed magnification for examining the samples which are very high in size; 0.33 lens of Barlow enhances the gap, and a 2.0x lens of Barlow enhances the amplifying radius.
  3. A strand type of ring is present, which gives very smooth light of 150w, halogen light is also used, and a rheostat. The table stands given with the box of microscopes consist of a sliding table to smooth the object.
  4. A black and white stage plate can go backward and shows exact dissimilarity between soft color and bright color images, and a fastener is present at a stage to prevent it from slipping.
  5. The Head of this microscope is trinocular, and the movement that the head provides is on the x-axis.

This top-of-the-line digital microscope is perfect for professional who needs to get up close and personal with their work. With a long working distance and 5MP camera, you’ll be able to see every detail of your project. Plus, the USB 2.0 output ensures that you can easily capture or display your images on a computer or projector.

With the AmScope ZM-1TW3-FOR-GT-5M digital microscope, you can share your view with ease. This Trinocular viewing head has pairs of 10x and 25x extreme-widefield eyepieces, so you can get a great view from any angle. The adjustable interpupillary distance and fixed 45-degree vertical inclination make it easy to find a comfortable position, while the 360-degree rotation capability lets you share your discoveries with others.

The AmScope ZM-1TW3-FOR-GT-5M digital microscope is perfect for anyone looking for a powerful microscope that can handle large specimens. With its 0.67x-4.5x zoom objective, you’ll be able to get a close-up view of even the smallest details. Plus, with its 2.0x Barlow lens, you can extend the magnification range to get an even better look at everything you’re inspecting.

This AmScope microscope is perfect for viewing temperature-sensitive specimens. The fiber-optic ring light ensures a cool, bright light source, while the rheostat lets you control the light intensity.

AmScope’s newest digital microscope is perfect for viewing specimens on the go. The extra-large table stand ensures that you have a sturdy surface to work with, while the reversible black and white stage plate provides contrast with light- and dark-colored specimens. Stage clips secure the specimen during viewing, making it easy to get the perfect view every time.


Which material do the microscope is made of? Is the angle of view is rotatable?

The microscope is made of metal and steel. You can rotate the angle of view up to 45 degrees.

Is this microscope is suitable for kids as well as for adults?

Yes, anyone can operate it very easily and in proper manners.

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