MS90 Mechanical Stage For Amscope M Series Microscope

Microscope Specifications

  1. This AmScope MS90 is the most different type of microscope not just in features but also in viewing. 2 pinpoints of one-three/eight (thirty-five mm) both are separately attached. It has a mechanical stage with a moving reach is 1.2 degrees (30mm) together with 2.0 degrees (50mm)
  2. This microscope comes with 1 years warranty
  3. From all the microscopes, only this microscope has a matchless low selling price.
  4. This AmScope has m148, m149, m150, and m152 Different serials of the microscope. It can hold normal slides that every standard microscope can. The light this microscope uses is only a single light. The mechanical stage presented on the top stage of the microscope is used to capture the slide in its correct position, except for relocating. However, it requires a bit of maintenance because a strength resister can be used for the instrument’s functioning smoothly.

The MS90 mechanical stage for Amscope M148, M149, M150, and M152 microscopes is the perfect way to improve your imaging performance. With this stage, you’ll be able to get greater control over your specimen and achieve sharper, more accurate images. Order yours today!

The MS90 mechanical stage for the Amscope M Series microscope is perfect for any lab or classroom! With two locating pins that are 1-3/8″ (35mm) apart, this stage provides a travel range of 1.2″ (30mm) and 2.0″ (50mm). Plus, it comes with a 1-year warranty to ensure your satisfaction! And at such an unbeatable low price, there’s no reason not to add this stage to your microscope today!


Will this work on the M160C-2L-PB10? If not which one would?

This did work on our M160

Can Amscope reply to whether the entire slide will be viewable when the stage is used with the M150 line of scopes?

No, the horizontal travel is listed at 2″ which is probably about right vertical does not allow the full slide, if you need the full 3″x1″ of the slide, it’s doable by rotating the slide.

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