AmScope M162C-2L-PB10-WM” Monocular Microscope

Microscope Specifications

AmScope M162C-2L-PB10-WM
  1. Amscope M162C-2L-PB10-WM comes with the optical monocular microscope with top and bottom LED light that provides high quality and clear images of the observations.
  2. The wide field magnifications of this microscope from 40x-1000x provide high images quality.
  3. It comes with a sturdy metal frame with coaxial and fine focusing.
  4. It contains a Single Lens Condenser and 6-Hole Disc Diaphragm for high magnifications and provides clear images of the observations.

If you’re looking for a microscope that will give you a clear and concise view of your specimens, look no further than the AmScope M162C-2L-PB10-WM. This top-of-the-line microscope offers five different magnification levels, so you can see even the smallest details with ease. The sturdy metal frame ensures years of use, while the single-lens condenser and 6-hole disc diaphragm provide exceptional clarity.


How heavy is it?

The weight of this microscope is very light (a couple of pounds), even a kid can carry it easily.

Is the wheel under the stage the fine adjustment or is it the black knob on the base?

The blue knob on the side is the fine adjustment, and the black knob around it is the coarse adjustment. The little black knob on the base is light brightness, and the wheel under the stage is for light adjustment.

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