OMAX M8311-PHB1 Trinocular Phase Contrast Compound Microscope

Microscope Specifications

  1. The whole field of view (eyepieces) of OMAX M8311-PHB1microscope has is WF10x /18 and WF20x; the head can be inclined up to 30 degrees 49mm – 75mm adjustment between the eyes and the focal point. Nosepiece can move forward or backward and can revolve 100x, (oil)
  2. Two types of kits are present in this microscope first one is a simple kit, and the second is a phase contrast kit.
  3. Achromatic din has 4x, 10x, 40x objectives, and 2nd kits objectives are 10x, 20 xs, 40x, 100 as. The magnification this simple microscope provides is 2000x, and the magnification that phased contrast provides also is 2000x. The Center of attention is smooth on both ends of the coaxial course, with sliding stage control.
  4. 3w light-emitting diodes are replaceable when moving; rheostat is also included to control light. Phase-contrast filters and bright fields can switch their positions in the microscope. Powerhouses have 4c of 100V, 240V 5 over 6 Hz.

The OMAX 40X-2000X Trinocular Compound LED Microscope is perfect for viewing both live cells and tissue specimens. With its phase contrast and brightfield microscope system, you can easily switch between applications.

The OMAX 40X-2000X Trinocular Compound Microscope is perfect for viewing specimens in greater detail. The phase-contrast microscope system ensures clear, crisp images with adjustable brightness that are perfect for viewing a variety of specimens. With an Abbe NA1.25 condenser and Iris diaphragm, this microscope provides the perfect level of precision for any scientist or student.

This is a high-quality microscope that offers eight levels of magnification, from 40X to 2000X. The phase contrast kit allows for detailed observation of specimens in a variety of settings.

The OMAX 40X-2000X Trinocular Compound Microscope offers power and precision that will satisfy the most demanding professional. The lenses are made of the highest quality optical glass, providing a clear, high-resolution image in the field of view. This microscope is perfect for use in clinical and biological research settings, as well as in schools. It is especially well suited for observing live cells.


What is the material of the glass?

Optical glass is used in this microscope that provides you a high-quality observation.

What is the magnification of the microscope?

The magnification of the microscope is 2000x.

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