OMAX M837ZFLR-C180U3 Digital EPI-Fluorescence Trinocular Compound Microscope


Looking for a microscope that’s as advanced as you are? Look no further than the OMAX M837ZFLR-C180U3 Digital EPI-Fluorescence Trinocular Compound Microscope! This top-of-the-line microscope offers magnifications of up to 2500x, making it perfect for everything from classroom experiments to professional research. Plus, its trinocular viewing head ensures a clean and comfortable view, while the adjustable diopter ring allows you to dial in the perfect focus. So why wait? Order your OMAX M837ZFLR-C180U3 Digital EPI-Fluorescence Trinocular Compound Microscope today!

This is the perfect microscope for anyone looking to do some serious fluorescence imaging. The high-quality objectives and powerful illumination system will let you see things you never thought possible. Plus, the witty and engaging tone of voice will keep you entertained every step of the way.

The OMAX M837ZFLR-C180U3 digital EPI-fluorescence trinocular compound microscope is perfect for any budding scientist looking to explore the wonders of fluorescence. This powerful microscope offers three different positions for filters, allowing you to easily adjust to blue or green excitation light, as well as transmitted brightfield illumination. The exciting filter options provide 410-490 nm and 490-540 nm wavelength ranges for the blue and green light, respectively, while the barrier filters have a 515 nm and 590 nm emission wavelength. With its protection barrier (suppression filter or front light baffle to resist the ultraviolet light), this microscope is perfect for viewing specimens in their natural state. The included fluorescence free immersion oil makes

The OMAX M837ZFLR-C180U3 Digital EPI-Fluorescence Trinocular Compound Microscope is perfect for any scientist, doctor, or a medical student looking to get a closer look at their work. With transmitted illumination and an NA1.25 Abbe condenser, this microscope is capable of providing clear and concise images no matter what you’re looking at. The coaxial coarse and fine focus knobs also make it easy to get the perfect focus on whatever you’re viewing, while the stain resistance ensures that your slides will always look their best.

This high-resolution digital microscope is perfect for capturing incredible images and videos of your specimens. With its 18 megapixel camera, you’ll be able to see every detail with amazing clarity. The USB 3.0 connection ensures a smooth, seamless experience, while the included software makes it easy to edit and share your photos and videos.

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