OMAX A6FU76 Stereo Microscope Focusing Rack with Standard 76mm Mounting Size

Microscope Specifications

OMAX A6FU76 Stereo Microscope Focusing Rack with Standard 76mm Mounting Size
  1. OMAX A6FU76 stereo microscope has a well-padded responsibility in the pinion back end or at the central point of the framework.
  2. The point of convergence apparatus in the company of the heavy coarse, in addition to the instrument release modification.
  3. The microscope’s body has three inches (seventy-six millimeters) center of attention setup. The point of convergence horizon in perpendicular travel is 2 inches (fifty millimeters)
  4. Measurement across or breath of the staple backend has five /eight inches (fifteen millimeters). Remember this microscope provides only warranty of only manufacturing defects and warranty is up to 1 year only.
  5. This stereo microscope has a focusing arm that can fix within 3 (seventy-six mm) of this instrument’s body.
  6. The weight of this stereo microscope is 4 pounds, and the manufacturer is OMAX; the dimensions include inches. It consists of a mechanical stage to view objects more clearly than usual.

The OMAX A6FU76 Stereo Microscope Focusing Rack is the perfect way to achieve quick and easy focusing on any stereo microscope! This heavy-duty focus rack features a pin-tail design for stable operation, plus coarse and tool-free tension adjustment to get the perfect focus every time.

This microscope focus rack is the perfect way to get the most accurate focus on your specimens. With vertical travel of 2 inches, it can accommodate specimens of all sizes. The 5/8-inch diameter pin-tail ensures a secure fit, and the 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects guarantees quality performance.


What are the dimensions of the microscope?

The dimensions of the microscope with the box are 23.62 x 19.69 x 13.78 inches.

What is the weight of the microscope? Can a kid carry it?

The weight of the microscope is 6 pounds. It is too time even a kid can carry it easily.

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